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Christmas Tree Decorating - 12/03/05

  • Dscn1422
    A bunch of friends stopped by to help decorate the tree.

Gotham Gold Bowling - 10/28/05

  • Img_0302
    Gotham Knight's Gold Side goes bowling at Leisure Time

Gotham v Suffolk - 10/22/05

  • Gotham_v_suffolk_10222005_63725_pm
    Gotham Knights head out to rainy Suffolk for a day of rugby and revelry

Gotham v Danbury - 09/17/05

  • Danbury_9172005_85843_pm
    Gotham Knight RFC vs. Danbury Mad Hatters on Randall's Isalnd and drink-up at Gym Bar

Gotham v Lansdowne - 09/10/05

  • Landsdowne_9102005_65014_pm
    Gotham Knights vs Lansdowne RFC on Randall's Island and drink-up at Gym Bar

Sea Girt Rugby Weekend - 08/27/05

  • Sea_girt_8272005_20701_pm
    Gotham Knights traveled to the Sea Girt tourney on the Jersey Shore & had some R&R in Asbury Park.

Lazy Bears 07/14-07/18/05

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    John, Jose, Lee and Eduardo go to Lazy Bears out in Russian River, CA.

Bronx Zoo - 06/15/05

  • Dsc02244
    Nicky and John visit the Bronx Zoo on 06/15/05

The Snowy Gates: February 25, 2005

  • Dsc00816
    Nicky and John visit "The Gates" in Central Park during an eveing snow storm.

The Gates: February 12, 2005

  • Dsc00750
    Nicky and John visit "The Gates" in Central Park

Gotham v Suffolk - 10/02/04

  • Dsc00426
    Gotham Knights win first Union match against Suffolk Bullmoose 15 - 6

Decadence - 06/02-06/05/04

  • Decadence11
    Sean and John hit Southern Decadence 2004 in New Orleans, LA


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Tuesday, June 14, 2005



I don't see the US really ever taking over the strength that the Six Nations possess, let alone looking at the Southern Hemisphere.

For one thing: media has to get involved with the sport, and like football (soccer) the reason why the USA will never promote the sport is because they do not have the opportunity to advertise through adverts on it. Two halves, with the only breaks of any length attributed to referee video decisions. The networks will not turn their backs on the ample revenue created by American football.

Two: American football has the big money, and with it the lack of hype that comes with it. I enjoy watching State of Origin and NZ Football because of the salary caps. America's involvement would concern me for the possibility of diluting the essence of the sport's fair play. I am sadly watching my other sports love, football (soccer), destroyed by greed and big money. I don't want it to happen to the Great Game of Rugby.

And finally-I've recently watched the Wales game, and I don't see the strength of the US back-end, in comparison to the CFU. I'm glad to see the increased interest to the sport but just do not sense that the USA is going to pull up to the world's level. Teams that I see a great potential: Argentina and Ireland.

luke edwyn

I think that if the US wants to establish itself in rugby, it’s going to have to realise the difference in the game compared to American football.
I for one like to see the US compete in the world cup. Also, the possible arrangement of some Americas tournament with Argentina, Canada and other Southern and Central American countries would be great for the sport and the countries involved. Especially good for Argentina as they are currently uninvolved in the 6 nations, tri-nations etc. and are in need of inclusion in top level competitions after their performance in the world cup. It, as with the U.S. Canada etc. will need to play in high level professional games to improve.
But, as I said, it’s not just a question of turning a few American football players into high quality rugby players. Rugby is highly dynamic and extremely tough, both physically and mentally. It is taken extremely seriously by Polynesian, European, southern hemisphere nations alike. The US will need time to generate a rugby culture domestically, instead of the current status quo where players move to Europe and southern hemisphere rugby teams. To simple say “we could own this”, shows naivety towards the current standard of international rugby. The quote “cruising for a bruising” springs to mind.


Luke: The USA does "compete" in the World Cup, having qualified for 5 of 6 World Cups in 2007, 2003, 1999, 1991 and 1987. The qualifying process in the Americas is a little convoluted in that there are only 4 "top tier" national teams that compete (Argentina, Canada, USA and Uruguay). Second and third tier teams must navigate a series of qualifying rounds just to get to the rounds where the top tier teams play. (

The USA does compete in the Super Powers Cup, Churchill Cup and the Pan American Championship. But one also needs to remember that USA national team only began competing in 1976 and are playing catch up. Although, in the only four Olympic Games (1900, 1908, 1920, 1924) to include rugby, the United States claimed gold medals in both the 1920 and 1924 Games. But when rugby was dropped as an Olympic sport, the momentum of rugby was diminished in the US and it disappeared for 50+ years, playing a distant back seat to American football, and even to soccer, which seems to be further along than rugby in its development in the USA. Cash, sponsorships and professional leagues in the US has helped propel soccer's development, as did hosting World Cups in the US. The US is trying to host the World Cup 7s in 2009 but is a long shot to beat out Hong Kong and Australia for the right to host. Hong Kong has drawn 120,000 to the last Cup and Australia drew 50,000 to the final day of this year’s Commonwealth Games 7s. Some 21,000 visited the 2006 USA 7s, the highest total in the event’s three-year history. But the event is now privately owned as the union was forced to sell the unprofitable event in the fall of 2005 and could hurt its candidacy.

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