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Christmas Tree Decorating - 12/03/05

  • Dscn1422
    A bunch of friends stopped by to help decorate the tree.

Gotham Gold Bowling - 10/28/05

  • Img_0302
    Gotham Knight's Gold Side goes bowling at Leisure Time

Gotham v Suffolk - 10/22/05

  • Gotham_v_suffolk_10222005_63725_pm
    Gotham Knights head out to rainy Suffolk for a day of rugby and revelry

Gotham v Danbury - 09/17/05

  • Danbury_9172005_85843_pm
    Gotham Knight RFC vs. Danbury Mad Hatters on Randall's Isalnd and drink-up at Gym Bar

Gotham v Lansdowne - 09/10/05

  • Landsdowne_9102005_65014_pm
    Gotham Knights vs Lansdowne RFC on Randall's Island and drink-up at Gym Bar

Sea Girt Rugby Weekend - 08/27/05

  • Sea_girt_8272005_20701_pm
    Gotham Knights traveled to the Sea Girt tourney on the Jersey Shore & had some R&R in Asbury Park.

Lazy Bears 07/14-07/18/05

  • Cimg0435
    John, Jose, Lee and Eduardo go to Lazy Bears out in Russian River, CA.

Bronx Zoo - 06/15/05

  • Dsc02244
    Nicky and John visit the Bronx Zoo on 06/15/05

The Snowy Gates: February 25, 2005

  • Dsc00816
    Nicky and John visit "The Gates" in Central Park during an eveing snow storm.

The Gates: February 12, 2005

  • Dsc00750
    Nicky and John visit "The Gates" in Central Park

Gotham v Suffolk - 10/02/04

  • Dsc00426
    Gotham Knights win first Union match against Suffolk Bullmoose 15 - 6

Decadence - 06/02-06/05/04

  • Decadence11
    Sean and John hit Southern Decadence 2004 in New Orleans, LA


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Tuesday, January 09, 2007



Congratulations! A boxer AND runs a gallery?! Sounds like a catch to me.


I find that it's best to date against type. One, when you date your type, you're only getting the physical attraction, and two, you will always wonder if you really like them for who they are, or because they fit your type. If you (successfully) date someone not your type, at least you know you like them for them, not because they are, say, Latino, por


Mazel Tov! I hope it turns into something great!

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